Learning to trust and follow your own intuition elevates your divine potential.

Following our intuition leads us on our path of discovering, creating and manifesting. It is the voice of our Soul desiring growth beyond the comfort of what we already know. It is the internal push from within when followed our dreams step out of the place in our mind and become the magic of our reality.

Our intuition is the expression of the Divine Intelligent Mind nudging us to become more than we are. When we understand how to harness our intuition and surrender to the voice within our world changes. Life is no longer a struggle but a joy to behold.

Tapping into our intuition is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our world. We step into a world of untapped potential and unlimited possibilities because we have restored faith and belief into our being. We begin to live and create on a whole different level.

This gives opportunity for our psychic senses to grow stronger because we have established trust in our inner voice and applied faith and belief in our ability to understand our connection to the Divine Mind.

Are you ready to develop your intuition and increase your psychic potential?

Are you ready to harness your innate abilities and talents?

What is your idea of developing your intuition and psychic senses?

  • Living a Life Filled with Purpose and Meaning?
  • Becoming More Self Confident?
  • A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle?
  • Trusting Your Inner Guidance?
  • No Financial Worries?
  • Tapping into Your Divine Potential?
  • Guiding Others to Their Authentic Path?
  • Being a Beacon of Love and Healing?

New Age Classes Academy Gives You The Tools To Tune Into Your Inner Psychic For Only $199!

Do You Desire any of the Following?

  1. Psychic Development
  2. Mediumship Development
  3. Stronger Intuition
  4. Confidence and belief in yourself.
  5. To fall in love with yourself.
  6. Self acceptance.
  7. A life without stress and worry.
  8. Absolute trust in your inner voice.
  9. To create an income using your divine gifts and talents.
  10. Spiritual growth and development.
  11. A deeper Spiritual connection.
  12. A life filled with purpose, passion and joy.
  13. To have a community or tribe of like minded individuals.

Do You Dream or Wish to…

Let go of who you aren’t to become all that you truly are and the LIGHT you were designed to be?

Have a future vastly different from today one without fear and worry?

Open yourself up to your unlimited potential?


I have done all of it and I can teach you how too! With over 52 years of life experience as a psychic medium and 28 years of professional experience as a very successful psychic medium I have intimate knowledge of the workings of the Soul and the spiritual connection to God. I understand how we are divinely guided and how we have been taught through time not to trust ourselves and to follow the rules that limit our ability to become more. I know how to help you eliminate those falsehoods and become more empowered by allowing your Soul guide you.

I teach you empowerment so you can love and heal your life! I even share with you an alternative way of making money as a spiritual practitioner if it is something you desire to become. This enables you to boost your income at any time should you have need or desire.

I teach you the most important skills missing in your life how to:

Tap into your Divine Power

Create and manifest your desires with ease

Become conscious and awake to your thoughts and actions

Bring spirituality into your life regardless of your belief system

Discover the voice of your intuition

I share all that I know with you! I am passionate and committed to teaching you the best that YOU deserve!

Your Soul found its way here because it is ready for the next step of your Spiritual evolution and it is ready to raise its vibration to a new level! It is your BIRTHRIGHT to share your gifts and abilities with the world and the world needs YOU! Especially now, so many people are beginning to wake up and take their place and you can be not only a beacon you can be a guide or mentor to empower them to step into their truth and trust their Soul.  The world is ready and waiting for you to shine your beautiful Soul to illuminate the path for others!


  • The academy covers:Sharon Renae Photo
    • Spiritual Growth
    • Intuitive Development
    • Health and Well-being
    • Affirmations, Prayers and Meditation
    • Metaphysical Teachings
    • Psychic, Mediumship and Paranormal
  • New classes introduced every few months
  • New meditations released quarterly
  • One live support call each month
  • One live tele-class or video each month
  • 36 classes to empower, heal and improve your life
  • 53 years of applied psychic – medium experience
  • 13 years as a Minister of Divine Thought
  • Two FaceBook Mastermind Groups
  • One incredibly affordable price

The Academy currently consists of the following

Spiritual and Soul Development – Intuitive Development – Conscious Creating - Psychic Development

The academy provides training, inspiration and active participation from myself to ensure you are not alone. The academy is self paced and you can be as active and present as you desire. I do caution you with the following - "You are the instrument to create change in your life. You must be willing to apply new techniques and learning in order to create a more enriched life."

Sharon, I have to tell you that I have looked at a lot of web sites on certain subjects in your field. Your web site is the BEST I have ever seen, Thank you so much.can't wait to dive in. FABULOUS!!!
Diane Cheney

Current Classes and Meditations

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Angelic Soul Profiles

Angelic Soul Profiles Our Souls...
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Balance Your Chakras

Welcome to Balance Your Chakra’s...
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Cleansing Your Space

Cleansing Your Space Everyone has...
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Crystal Cavern

Venture into the Crystal Cavern...
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Empathy Class

Empathy Class This class provides...
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Ghost Hunting Basics

Ghost Hunting Basics The paranormal...
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Healing Meditation

Enjoy this short but empowering...
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Pet Readings

Pet Readings This class helps...
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Psychic Development 101

Psychic Development 101 Welcome to...
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Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide This mini...
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Reading Tea Leaves

Reading Tea Leaves We goddesses...
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Understanding Consciousness

Understanding Consciousness Living and Creating...
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Understanding Spirit Guides

Understanding Spirit Guides shares the...
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  • Workshops at a 50% discount
  • Two Mastermind Groups
    • The Alchemy of Spiritual Living
    • Making Money as a Spiritual Practitioner

Learn How I:

  • Healed my life
  • Created an income doing readings for 28 years
  • Work with Spirit, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides
  • Do readings
  • Failed so you don’t have to
  • Learned to trust my inner guidance
  • Created a life of affluence
Sharon, I have to tell you that I have looked at a lot of web sites on certain subjects in your field. Your web site is the BEST I have ever seen, Thank you so much.can't wait to dive in. FABULOUS!!!
Diane Cheney

Why learn from me?

  • Struggled with illness, unhappiness and poverty.  I learned how to listen to my intuition and how to trust and follow it.  My life changed because of it!
  • 53 years of applied experience.
  • 28 years of professional experience.
  • Done over 16,000 readings since 2004.
  • Held public forums with up to 225 people in attendance for 16 years.
  • Earned a healthy income and my husband was able to leave his government job to work with me.
  • Been able to work from home and take vacations at least six times a year.
  • Author of Angel in the Darkness.
  • Owned a new age store and publication.
  • Founded The Light Spiritual Education Ministries.
  • Been published numerous times and had a book written about me by author Pam Brannon called “Shhh…they’re talkin…Messages from the Otherside.
  • Been featured on local and national television and radio.

Current & Upcoming Classes valued over $8,000!


Looking for a Spiritual Getaway?

Stay in my C-Side cottage to reach your blissful state!

C-Side Cottage is a great “Zen-full” experience, as it was created specifically for relaxation and recharge. Just 20 minutes from the beach, 5 minutes from downtown Pensacola, and a few blocks from Baptist Hospital, C-Side Cottage is the perfect place to stay if you enjoy a creative, relaxing environment with modern amenities. This is a 500 Square Foot cottage, complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

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