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Soul Searching Workbook


This workbook takes you on an in-depth journey to see where you actually are in regards to your true beliefs and feelings. It helps you to identify the areas that hold you back and keep

Soul Searching Workbook2018-12-27T11:57:46-06:00

Soulebrating and Releasing Business 2018


Many times we never properly close a door before opening another. This provides the opportunity for you to see and Soulebrate your accomplishments as well as to gain clarity on what you didn't achieve to

Soulebrating and Releasing Business 20182018-12-27T12:02:49-06:00

Heal Your Beliefs and Change Your Life


Heal Your Beliefs and Change Your Life Learn how your belief system may be attracting negative karma and how you may actually have inherited many of them. This class is insightful and when information applied

Heal Your Beliefs and Change Your Life2018-07-31T10:31:33-05:00

Psychic Investigations into the Paranormal


Psychic Investigations into the Paranormal This in depth class provides information not taught by others. It goes deep into the spiritual world as well as understanding the structure of spiritual dimensions. It provides a clear

Psychic Investigations into the Paranormal2018-07-31T10:21:57-05:00

Pet Readings


Pet Readings This class helps guides you on how to communicate with pets and how to assist their owners in better understanding their furry friends. This class is an asset to animal empaths as it

Pet Readings2018-07-31T10:16:42-05:00

Rainbow Healing from the Melchizedek Order


Rainbow Healing from the Melchizedek Order Channeled to me from the Melchizedek Order I am sharing with you the information on vibrational frequency and prayers. This class is a MUST for energy workers! With each

Rainbow Healing from the Melchizedek Order2018-03-12T16:41:34-05:00

Instilling Faith through Spiritual Practices


The Art of Meditation, Prayer, Journal Keeping and Dreams Saturday and Sunday September 23 and 24 - 10am - 3pm Cost $20 - (Includes Lunch) I invite you to join me for this enlightening two-day

Instilling Faith through Spiritual Practices2017-08-25T10:48:02-05:00

Understanding Consciousness


Understanding Consciousness Living and Creating as a Divine Being We are often living the opposite effect of the life we really want to have. Understanding Consciousness helps to explain why we need to wake up

Understanding Consciousness2017-05-18T16:51:27-05:00

Soulebrating and Releasing 2018


Let's take the time to review and recognize your business success and oopsies. This workbook helps you to Soulebrate your business accomplishments and to recognize the areas you need to strengthen or change for the

Soulebrating and Releasing 20182018-12-27T12:05:53-06:00
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