Welcome to Balance Your Chakra’s and Center Your Soul!

This class is not an ordinary Chakra Class! It covers much more from understanding the Aura, the Emotional and Mental Bodies to in-depth information on the Chakra’s discovering how to find and identify very specific blocks that create limitation of your spiritual growth and development.

This class needs digestive time and I suggest you read and re-read it a couple of times before applying the information. Remember practice always helps us to become comfortable when learning a new technique.

The main part of this class is being taught for you to “read” your own energy and not someone else’s so please keep that in mind as you are applying information. You would not want to be responsible for inadvertently causing harm to another.

There is an “attunement” video for you to watch to help attune you into connecting to the information. Although, you cannot hear the prayer it is a prayer of intent that you be open and connected to receive information for your highest good.

May you enjoy the information I have created for you!

Hugs, Love, Joy and Bliss,

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