Cleansing Your Space

Everyone has energy and if a person handles something the residue of that energy is left on it. Even when artist or jewelers create something they are putting pieces of themselves in it. Be it anger, joy, peace or love.

I use to go to this neat little restaurant in Bisbee, Arizona and they had a sign prominently displayed that said, “The person cooking your meal loves their job.” What this was indeed saying is that “we allow only love in our kitchen and nothing is being served out of anger.”

Energy accumulates and builds, sometimes even an over exuberance of happy energy can be too much for one person. I once attended a workshop, where a lady happily, joyfully and with overbearing enthusiasm kept sharing how she was a Life Coach and was going to be teaching a class on how to be happy all the time. I can tell you that the image I had was very frightening, I kept envisioning taking her class and turning out to be a Stepford wife. It was simply “too” much happy energy for me. Individuals who are sensitive to environments and touch are often the first to feel the negative and positive aspects of energy, however too much one way or the other and everyone can tell.

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