Learn to Connect to Passed Loved Ones

This class has a combination of audio, documentation and then guided meditations to help you. It is very important when doing the meditations to connect that you only attempt this once perday. I am a fan of every other day or every third day until you really grasp the process. This work can be tiring and draining, especially if you try to “push” the connection and make it happen!

I would recommend you follow the document along with the audio. And then follow the guided meditations one at a time, no more than once in a day.

Here’s to connecting to your loved ones on the otherside!


Please watch the attunement prayer everyday for seven days.  You will hear my voice softly in the background.  It is reciting the following prayer.  You do not need to say it.  I just want to make sure you know what I am saying!

"Mother, Father God x3 Creator of all beings x3, My masters, teachers, angels and guides x 3.  I request I be a clear and open channel to connect with those I have loved that are no longer in this physical world.  That this connection be received on all levels, conscious, subconscious and super conscious throughout all planes and dimensions into infinity.  I ask that this connection be made at the highest possible level through Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Truth and it be for the highest good of all involved.  This is commanded and evoked with love light and joy. Thank you it is done x3"

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