How Empathy Can Kill You
and what you can do to not let it happen!

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To be able to have the energy to do the things you desire and to feel unobstructed by surrounding events is freeing. To no longer feel too sensitive or too sick to cope because you have learned how to actually use your empathic abilities for your own well being instead of using it to absorb the negativity around you can be the single most important choice to be able to thrive in your life.

Being empathic for many creates illness, depression and emotional sensitivity even to the point of physical pain. Although, you may not be affected to such a degree you may find yourself trying to save others or solve their problems because you feel it so strongly you can’t sleep at night thinking about someone else’s issues. It can also cause you to give unwanted or unsolicited advice that isn’t appreciated or even understood. Overworked empathic abilities can even create a sense of paranoia of feeling you are being watched or of overreaching to find out what may have happened in the past in that particular space creating havoc in your day to day life.

I get it. I have been there. As a child my empathy was so strong that by the age of seven I had a series of stomach ulcers because there were so many people and feelings in school I didn’t know how to process all of it. I held on to it. My parents thought I was a hypochondriac because if someone broke their leg I would limp around for two weeks. I physically hurt for them! It was very real! I learned how to work with my empathy and how to protect myself. Join me for this FREE teleseminar – How Empathy Can Kill You – and what you can do to not let that happen!

In this one hour tele-event I can provide you a better understanding of what exactly empathy is and how it can serve and negatively affect you. You will be given new insight on how you can become empowered to bring balance and harmony into your life.

Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 1pm CST

Title: How Empathy Can Kill You
Date & Time: Saturday, January 16th at 1:00pm Central

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