Ghost Hunting Basics

The paranormal is of interest to many, especially during Fall. It was after receiving several ghost based calls that the light went on! Why not add this to my classes! There will be participants who are interested in ghost hunting or getting the “proof” that spirits exists. Someone will want to know the protocol or to even see if how I do it is any different than what they do know.

My husband and I are the founders of the Pensacola Paranormal Society (, although, we rarely perform investigations for a long list of reasons. we do keep the site active as a source of information for beginning paranormal researchers. When you deal with the paranormal you often have to deal with the weird people too, the ones who need attention or the scammers who are trying to pull a fast one are the bulk of the enquiries that come in. Very seldom does a real haunting materialize for us to investigate.

Ghost Hunting is a process of patience. Setting up equipment, taking baseline readings and then sitting quietly waiting for something to happen. Then you review hours and hours of footage, trying not to fall asleep in case you might miss that all important piece of evidence. The drawback is often the “living residents” who seem to be ever present during an investigation. They want to have their friends over, or they have a need to be dramatic and every two minutes want to say “oh…there it is… can’t you see it,” or something else along those lines.

Ghost Hunting is from our perspective much more enjoyable that Ghost Investigations. The difference is Ghost Hunting can be done with less equipment for FUN, and Ghost Investigations requires much more time and technical work, research as well as often having to deal with other people that sometimes want to pull you into their drama.

But you do it all for those moments that you really capture something awesome, which are often few and far between, but still give you the thrill and excitement you were looking for.

So if you are ready to connect through the veil of another dimension for a split second here is the information to help you on a Ghost Hunt and then if you want to be a ghost investigator then you can always adjust accordingly.

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