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Introduction to Meditation

A quick explanation of meditating guidelines.
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Healing Meditation

Enjoy this short but empowering healing meditation. This can be used for healing body, mind and spirit.
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Goddess Affirmations

This is a lively jamming session full of juicy Goddess affirmations. Use it to get your groove on!
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Five Minute Energy Recharging Meditation

This short meditation is for those needed work breaks to let go and recharge! Short but powerful!
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Spirit Guide Meditation

This meditation takes you on a sacred journey to connect with your Spirit Guides. If you are serious about building a relationship with your Spirit Guides I recommend you listen to the meditation everyday until you connect with your Spirit Guide(s). Once you do that continue listening for 21 days so you can become familiar with your Spirit Guides and how they interact with you.
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Conquering By Letting Go Meditation

This special meditation is channeled to me from Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom. This very exclusive woman only meditation guides you to look into your heart and see the truth of who you are.
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Creating Your Future

Create your future with this meditation. Guided by Sharon Renae, you'll step into the realm of possibility and learn to shape your life!
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Crystal Cavern

Venture into the Crystal Cavern as Sharon Renae guides you into this life changing meditation.  
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Soul Embracing Meditation

Embrace your soul in this meditation with guide Sharon Renae.  
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Female Manifesting Male Partner

This meditation helps a female manifest a male partner.  
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Pocket Classes

Creating Through Action

CREATION: It is important to understand the soul is here to experience itself through creation. Each action we take is creating an action of events based on the choice of that action. A decision is not an action, it is a thought. If we act on a decision it becomes a choice and that choice in turn opens the door to creation.  
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Write Your Soul’s Bio

Write Your Soul’s Bio Wow! What an amazing experience this little adventure is gonna be! I am really excited about sharing it with you! Yay us! I know for many of you this might be a scary adventure because you might actually believe you have nothing to take note of. Take a deep breath and let it out. You are not allowed to over think this. Don’t get yourself all tied up in your thongs!...
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