Mediumship Development


All the information I have to share with you comes from my experiences this is what I believe and what works for me. I ask that you be open and receptive and to please use your own discernment. Truth is subjective, so your truth does not in any way have to match mine, however, that said I ask you to be willing to apply the information and techniques before dismissing them.

This class has been created to help guide your abilities as a medium. I can’t teach you how to be a medium because I really don’t know that it is something that can be taught (but I am working to see if it can) if you do have the ability I can teach you how to refine, understand and develop it and that is what this class is all about.

I am excited to take the next three months to help guide you on your way to help dismiss your fears, apprehensions and come into your own. During this time I am here for you to share all that I can and help you stand in your divinity.


It is through the application of practicing where the skill of mediumship is developed. It is through the validation of clients that you come to understand and to accept you are a medium. The more you do the more comfortable you become.

Without real validation from our human perspective we cannot really know if we are communicating with the otherside or just having psychotic episodes, hallucinations or just plain crazy! AND we may have been brought up to believe that it isn’t something we talk about or share because others may not understand and it may be perceived as work of the devil.

Many people feel that seeing a deceased family member means they are a medium. This is not true. People that do not have the gift can see or hear from passed loved ones. People that do not have the ability might even see ghosts or apparitions. It does not mean they have the ability to communicate. So if you have experienced any of the above I need you to discount that as a qualification. Having said that I am not saying you do not have the skills, I am saying EVERYONE can have those experiences and they are not unique or special.

As we move through this class there will come a point where I will ask you to begin to do “practice readings.” These readings need to be with people who are open to the process, who understand that this is practice, that you are not related to and also you don’t have too much personal information about. This is so it can help you to not discredit the information you get. The more information you know about someone the more difficult it can be to share authentic information. They need to hear what you don’t already know but they do.


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