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Refund Policy

These classes cannot guarantee your life will change or that the information I share can make you a psychic or a medium. I can only teach you what I know. If you complete 50% of my classes, participated in the forums and calls and are able to demonstrate you have undertaken and actually applied the information for the first six months of your enrollment and you still don’t believe you have received the value of your Sharon Renae New Age Academy membership, you are most welcome to ask for a refund. If upon review of the information I feel you are being honest and forthright, I will cancel your membership and refund 50% of what you have paid. If you’re not able to do those things, I’m not able to provide a refund because you don’t want to take new action to change your life or have changed your mind or decided you don’t want this anymore.

If you are looking for a magic wand to instantly change your life this program is not for you. It teaches individual responsibility of action and change. You have to be willing to do the work 100%.

Refunds do not apply to returning members.

Member Guidelines

Hello Radiant, Beautiful Soul!

I am so glad to have you here! Before you begin I would like to establish a few guidelines so this wonderful journey of self growth and exploration can be a joyful experience.

  1. You can be as visible and participating as you want or you can be invisible and lurk in the shadows doing your own thing. This site is meant for you to have a joyful, happy experience. You do not have to participate in group activities or let anyone know you are here!
  2. What is said in the group stays in the group! For some people this may be the only place they feel safe enough to be themselves!
  3. Don’t be mean or cruel. Be supportive and kind. This is a safe space.
  4. Absolutely no politics or religion! You can believe what you believe but that doesn’t mean everyone else’s truth is your truth. I will not try to fit my teaching into your belief system – I can’t teach that because it is your belief system! It is up to you to decide if what I teach is applicable to you. No you will not get a refund due to religious differences – This is a New Age Academy!
  5. You have permission to ask questions!
  6. Do not give unsolicited readings to members. This means do not message someone saying that your guides have information for them. Your guides don’t know other people’s business and their guides aren’t going to tell your guides to talk to their person. This is your own Ego running amuck!
  7. Do not use this membership to sell or promote yourself or gather names to add to your own email lists.
  8. I have authority to delete any content I feel inappropriate. If you are not sure, please email and ask!
  9. I have the right to ban you from the academy and or groups after three warnings of inappropriate behavior; however if your actions are not in alignment with the integrity of the group your membership can be immediately canceled.
  10. This is a community of love, growth and understanding. Embrace it. Let’s make it the best New Age community ever!