Psychic Development 101

Welcome to Psychic Development 101! I am so excited to get you started or refreshed on this journey of psychic intuition. I promise I am here to help you and share with you all my knowledge and wisdom I have on the subject. I hope for you it is an incredible experience that can take you further your Soul evolution!

Periodically I will suggest tools that will make this process easier and would suggest you get them if you are interested in trying recommended techniques. Read through materials first if you are afraid of investing in something you won’t use.

1. A Pendulum (you will need this for other classes.) I recommend a smooth un-dyed gemstone – but it needs to speak to you! Prices run $7 and up.

2. Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin – These cards are really great for giving card readings on an intuitive level without having to learn meanings. (These will be introduced in this class.) There are two decks there is not an order and one deck will suffice. $18 - $25

3. Sage or Incense for Clearing and Cleansing $3 - $10

Class One

Types of Psychic

Psychic energy connects from within us around us and to spirit and is considered to be the sixth sense, Extra Sensory Perception, (ESP). The other five senses are, taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight. The psychic sense transmutes energetically from 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness. The 3rd dimensional is the physical, 4th dimensional is where the linking mechanism between the 3rd and 5th dimension and the 5th dimension is where “GOD” or the Universal Energy exists. There are several different ways psychic energy can be harnessed or used and it will vary person to person.


Telepathy is the transfer of thought directly from one mind to another, often at a distance, without use of the physical senses in the transference. These cards are what we use in my in person classes to practice with. You may find you are a great sender but not a great receiver or vise versa. Print out the cards and practice with a friend.

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