Reading Tea Leaves

We goddesses love tea parties! Okay, this goddess does! When we had our new age store we had tea and tea leaf reading instructions available on Saturdays. It was fun and the participants enjoyed themselves. The important thing when reading tea leaf readings is to have fun. It is not about getting caught up in the accuracy or predictions it is about the energy shared between friends having tea and the fun of interpreting the leaves in the cup. I like to compare it to the Harry Potter movie Prisoner of Azbakan where they are in Divination class and Ron is reading Harry’s tea leaves – as says “You are going to suffer, but be very happy.” Although suffering is far from funny – it was funny and light to predict such a contradiction! Do it from a light frame of mind.

If you read tea leaves in combination of interpreting and fun it can be quite enjoyable. In my current psychic development class I teach we have had so much fun with the tea leaves and having “tea” and the accouterments we had a hard time moving on to something else! Through the learning and the play we have actually found there have been some accuracies and truth!

Also called, tasseography, I had to know why it is called that and so I took 10 seconds to look it up and this is what Wikipedia said: The terms derive from the French word tasse (cup), which in turn derives from the cognate Arabic word tassa, and the Greek suffixes -graph (writing), -logy (study of), and -mancy (divination).

But I will stick with the term Tea leaf reading! It is based on reading the shapes and the designs left by the tea leaves. I will say that we have learned too many tea leaves in a cup of tea will only leave an unreadable blob! Shapes and images have meanings as and it gives the reader the ability to allow their imagination to tell the story. However, never use it to frighten or upset the client. It is a method of divination that can be categorized as a scientific and an intuitive art form. There is a background of well-known symbolic shapes which can be learned by heart, (but I would rather just use a guide or a book! I am about keeping it light and fun butI don’t use this as a business tool. If I did, well then I would study and learn and memorize at a deeper level, but for me it is about the enjoyment.) and applied by simple translation but can be taken further with the aid of true psychic ability and/or imagination.

Coffee grounds can be used the same way and those readings are usually done in locations that are not big into tea.

If you have ever studied dream interpretation you can actually use those meanings interchangeably with interpreting the shapes and figures in tea leaves. I also share with you traditional references to zodiac signs, astrology symbols, tarot and playing cards these all have interpretable attributes.


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