Treasure mapping is a creative visual process that helps us to define clarity and focus in order to achieve our goals.

Sometimes we can lose focus on our goals because they are in our head, and if there is nothing to remind us of them, nothing to help us focus on them, they do not get put into action, but unconsciously placed into a shoebox pushed under a shelf and put back in the mental closet.

A Treasure Map gives visual reminders of what we are wanting. In turn it offers us the opportunity for focus and direction.

Treasure Mapping is not silly or a waste of time. It does not discriminate against sex or age. Treasure Mapping gives you the opportunity to utilize your creative mind, and to look within yourself to see what it is that you truly want or don’t want within your life.

Treasure Mapping requires you to evaluate your life and what you would like it to be, how you would like to fill it, and how you would like to live it. You have to take reflective time to look at yourself and your life.

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